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The all-new DAFF - Biosecurity (AQIS) approved centre has been purpose built to ensure your animals comfort and safety. Three Quarter Acre Paddocks

The Rocky Repro facilities are DAWE approved and the centre is licensed for production of semen and embryos for export. The laboratory is equipped and continually updated with high quality semen collection, assessment and processing equipment to make certain the highest standards are achieved. The facilities have been purpose built to ensure your animal’s comfort and safety, bulls are accommodated in ¾ acre shaded paddocks, ensuring they have plenty of room and are relaxed and content. The bull paddocks, under cover yards/collection area, laboratory, office and storage facilities have all been constructed to comply with DAWE requirements and are of the highest international standard.

Semen Collection and Processing

Custom semen collection and processing for domestic or export. Morphology of collected Samples

Custom semen collection and processing for domestic or export

Bulls vary widely in semen production and semen quality. Upon entering the centre all bulls are evaluated based on their specific needs and the bull’s physical ability to produce quality semen. Based on this evaluation, we customise an individual collection program including accommodation, nutrition, collection frequency and method, diluent and processing options. This approach ensures all factors are considered and the best possible results are achieved from each bull. All semen collected on centre is assessed, processed, re-assessed, packed, inventoried and made available for shipping within 48 hours of collection. Every batch of semen processed at Rocky Repro undergoes a full morphological assessment. When you have a bull collected at Rocky Repro you will receive a Semen Morphology report for every batch of semen processed from your bull, upon request (See Semen Testing & Morphology).

On farm semen collection

Rocky Repro staff including our associate centre veterinarian Dr Alyssa Bischoff can also provide an on-farm semen collection service, where the semen is transported from your property to the Rocky Repro centre for evaluation and processing. Your veterinarian can also collect your bull on-farm and send the semen to Rocky Repro for assessment and processing.

Quality assurance

To ensure the semen collected and/or processed by Rocky Repro is of the highest possible standard, we engage several independent experts in the field to provide on-going quality assurance checks. This is our commitment and your guarantee to achieving a quality product and service.

Fertility Testing and Morphology

Fertility Testing

The Rocky Repro team can assist with all semen testing and morphology needs. Rocky Repro centre veterinarian Dr Ced Wise and Rocky Repro associate veterinarian Dr Alyssa Bischoff are accredited with the AACV and can conduct all your on-farm bull semen testing and “Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations” (BBSE). 

Rocky Repro has 3 semen morphologists, Emma Griffin and Tim North & Sally North who are participating members of the University of Queensland sperm morphology standardization programme (UQSMSP). The Rocky Repro morphology team provide a prompt semen morphology service for vets and cattle producers across Australia. This process analyses the structure and form of individual spermatozoa to determine the number of normal and abnormal cells. 

AI Program Management

Organise AI Programs
Rocky Repro provides a full on farm A.I. service including:
  • A.I. technicians
  • Customised breeding programs - design and management
  • Supply of drugs and all artificial breeding supplies (see Products for full listings)
  • Liquid nitrogen hire tanks
  • Semen needs

Embryo Transfer

Ced and Rowena Wise Mobile ET Lab

Centre veterinarian Dr. Ced Wise together with embryologist wife Rowena are widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s foremost embryo transfer teams. Ced has over 32 years experience across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and the United States.  Ced and Rowena offer a practical down to earth approach to embryo transfer and their vast wealth of bovine reproduction knowledge and advice is able to assist you every step of the way.

Rocky Repro Embryo Transfer services include:
  • Embryo transfer, collection or freezing at Rocky Repro centre for domestic or export needs.
  • Storage of frozen embryos
  • Donor programming
  • Problem donor services
  • Recipient cow synchrony programs
  • Supply of all drugs and consumables
  • Artificial Insemination

Semen / Embryo Storage and Shipping

Rocky Repro offers a cost effective option for the storage of semen and embryo’s.

Rocky Repro offers a cost effective option for the storage of semen and embryo’s, either in Rocky Repro storage or your own Liquid Nitrogen tank stored at, and serviced by Rocky Repro. Rocky Repro provide dry or wet hire shippers to freight to any destination in Australia serviced by our freight providers. In most cases this will be your nearest town with freight depots. Your schedule should allow 2 weeks for delivery from Rocky Repro.

Export / Import Service


Rocky Repro offers a world-wide service for both export and import of genetic material. As a DAWE approved collection centre we can coordinate the collection and export of your genetic material to the destination of your choice with the minimum cost and inconvenience. If importing, we can assist with combining shipments to minimise costs. We also provide assistance with import permits and customs procedures, streamlining the process for all involved.

Semen Sales

Semen Sales

Rocky Repro semen marketing division is northern Australia's most comprehensive listing of Brahman and Bos Indicus sires. This together with our continually growing Wagyu and Bos Taurus sire listing make Rocky Repro the go to provider for all your semen requirements.

The Rocky Repro dispatch department provide a timely service and can assist with all your sales and shipping needs. As they say no job is too big or too small and our friendly staff are here to help with both domestic and international requirements. 

If you would like help in marketing your genetics Rocky Repro offers a semen marketing service to Australian and International seed stock producers of any breed, Rocky Repro can organise all advertising, sales, shipping and payment requirements.  Please click here for more details or contact Tim or Sally North to discuss.